Allies & Testimonials


"THANK YOU for putting together such a wonderful box of goodies. When I signed up for ChronicAlly Box, it was a way to help me feel better about myself as I manage the daily symptoms of gastroparesis. However, I have since been diagnosed with breast cancer and as I face surgery later this week, this box has brought new meaning to me. I cried when I saw the "KEEP GOING" necklace. All of the items are perfect!! I will definitely be using the Cozy Bomb before Thursday!"

-Donna, ChronicAlly Box Tribe


"Called out sick today... When you battle fatigue, pain, and an array of strange/annoying symptoms on a daily basis, it's hard to recognize when you need to rest. Especially when you're used to hearing, "But you don't look sick." Between work, school, and the ridiculous amount of stress lately, my body told me to chill out. This couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Thank you Ally for creating such a great gift and for preserving a piece of my sanity today."

-Shannon, ChronicAlly Box Tribe


"So happy about my first ChronicAlly Box! Already looking forward to next month's box."

-Kortney, ChronicAlly Box Tribe


"LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I am so full of love right now. Thank you so much, ChronicAlly Box, for taking care of me today. I'm having a spa night to celebrate!"

-Alex, ChronicAlly Box Tribe





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