"I've always wanted to start a company like ChronicAlly Box, but it wasn't until recently that the universe sent me the idea of ChronicAlly Box and I manifested it. I had heard a lot about subscription boxes, and have received a few myself, but never really thought of sending happiness and chronic illness allies to chronically chic women in this type of platform. I had recently subscribed to a bunch of magazines because I really enjoyed the anticipation of those in the mailbox instead of unfavorable lab work and medical bills. So, why not a subscription box tailored to women living with Chronic Illnesses?! I have always said, "I just want to make people happy for my work!" I feel like ChronicAlly Box is helping me to live out that dream."
"I am a very caring and giving person by nature. For example, I have always loved writing hand written thank you notes and cards, and I love giving gifts more than receiving them. The joy of watching someone open a gift that they love makes me all warm and fuzzy! The thoughts of the smile on every woman's face that opens a ChronicAlly Box gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling! I'm even known for spoiling surprises because I just can't wait to tell the recipient what I go them :)"
In addition to making people smile, Alison enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys exercising, especially cycling, being a foodie, and visiting the beach. She loves to celebrate the small (and big) victories in life, and is a sushi connoisseur.
Alison's passion is to help others living with chronic illnesses lives easier and better. She is happy to contribute to this mission through ChronicAlly Box.


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