Why ChronicAlly Box?

Posted on 13 September 2016

As a chronic illness sufferer, we've all been there. We've been at our lowest low, so low that we weren't sure how we were going to pick ourselves out of the trenches. We have good days, and then we have really, really bad days. We have good months and really bad months. We go through phases where we find out something really negative about our health, and we spend every night wide awake thinking how we will go on, in tears. We get scared. We feel lonely. We feel pain, emotional & physical.
This past winter, I was at that all time low. I heard some very scary health news, and everything with my body was just going wrong. I was in a toxic job, and I was mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. I was in pain, and I didn't know how to make it stop. I was trying all kinds of different new treatments. I was scared. I have a few allies in my life that lie within my family circle. While I am so grateful to have them in my life as my allies, something was still missing. They listened to me, but there wasn't anything pulling me out of this low. I noticed that the one thing that would get me really excited, was helping others through my IBS Sisters account, starting coaching classes to help others going through the chronic illness journey, and ironically enough, getting "fun mail" in my mailbox.
I started to subscribing to magazines. I would subscribe to one, and I'm guessing they would sell my information, and I would receive an offer for another magazine, and I'd sign up. It was such a relief to get something else in the mail besides my unfavorable blood work and medical bills. It was like a breath of fresh air. I felt like at that time, these simple magazines were my chronic illness allies. As a chronic illness sufferer, we NEED these types of allies. This is when I came up with the idea of ChronicAlly Box. What if I was getting something in the mail that was tailored just for me? To pick me up when I'm down, and even better, delivering me products right to my doorstep that makes my health & beauty routine easier & better. When you're in this low, you sometimes forget about self care. You stop taking care of yourself the way you should because you're just too tired to think about it, and way too tired to go to the mall. ChronicAlly does that for you. We do all of the thinking, shopping, packing, and shipping, and all you have to do is wait for ChronicAlly Box to be delivered to your doorstep. You don't even have to remember to order! With recurring subscriptions, you'll receive a box automatically every month. Want to skip a month? No problem! It's so easy to customize your subscription.
I'm a firm believer that you need all types of allies as a chronic illness sufferer. Friends, family, and community are all very important allies to have in your life. From my experience, a surprise ally in my mailbox has worked wonders for me. To imagine being able to have products that will be my allies in my mailbox vs. a magazine, I can't even fathom the excitement! I may just deliver a box to myself :) I still get the magazines in the mail and they still make me so excited. Now a days, I use those magazines to go "shopping" for what products to add to the next ChronicAlly Box.
I'm no longer at my lowest low. Receiving magazines, the chronic illness community, and coaching school have all kept my mind busy, and have lifted me up. The project ChronicAlly Box has picked me out of the trenches. Sure, I still have my really really bad days, but they're not as bad as they once were. My hope is that ChronicAlly Box picks you up out of the trenches, too.

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