What's in a Name?

Posted on 31 October 2016

So, you may be wondering, where did the name ChronicAlly Box come from? ChronicAlly Box originated from the Founder's name, Ally. She coined herself as ChronicAlly before the box was born, and stated that she was ChronicAlly, your chronic illness ally to get you through the tough times dealing with chronic illness. She is currently in coaching school to become certified with the International Coaching Federation to coach women through chronic illness diagnosis, lifestyle, and more. She is currently coaching IBS patients through diagnosis and being their ally. When Ally created ChronicAlly Box, she envisioned the same concept, but through self-care products delivered to your doorstep! ChronicAlly Box is a health & beauty monthly subscription box tailored to chronically chic women, with each product picked and packed by Ally & her allies, with you in mind. Not only are the products your allies for the month, Ally is also your ally. That's where the ChronicAlly Box logo comes in!

"I used a company called 99 designs to create the logo for ChronicAlly Box. This company has multiple artists submit logos to your project, called a contest, and after about five days, you pick the the winning logo. You explain to them upfront what your company is about, your mission, and whatever else you find relevant, and the artwork starts flowing in. I started receiving logos, and would receive one that was always better than the one before that. This went on for about five days, and I would send the logos to my allies to get their opinions as well. We weren't in love with any of them, but with about 15 minutes left for the submittals to be entered, I thought about just picking the best one. I then decided I would just wait until the contest ended. That's when THE ChronicAlly logo trickled in! With about 10 minutes left on the contest, our artist submitted the logo we now use for ChronicAlly Box. The artist found a picture of Ally online, and created a cartoon logo to match the theme and mission. I absolutely loved it! It felt like Christmas. It just felt right. The crazy thing was, I literally had googled right before engaging 99 designs, "cartoon yourself", and was going to try to make my own logo with the same concept! When I saw this logo, it made me so happy. It embodied everything I wanted ChronicAlly Box to be. It made me smile, and made me cheerful, unlike the other logos. I started thinking about the ChronicAlly Box tribe, and if it would bring them happiness. I decided it would, and this was THE ONE! To me, the meaning of the logo is to show that we can feel better, and get up and dress up more often if we put ourselves and our self care first. I have witnessed this first hand as a chronic illness sufferer. The logo means to me that our Tribe has a personal shopper, almost like a chronic illness fairy, to come and drop off self-care allies at your doorstep. To me, this logo means community, support, love, and cheer. To me, this logo is magical."

"Whatever the ChronicAlly name and logo means to you, however you say it, I hope that one thing's for sure, and that's that it makes you happy. I hope that when you look at the logo when you receive your box, you know that you have an ally. That someone is thinking of you and taking care of your self-care routine, when it feels like the hardest thing to do for yourself. I hope that the chronic allies inside make you feel as warm and fuzzy as they make me when I have the pleasure of sending them to you."




Photography by Joseph Bradley Digital

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