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Posted on 22 August 2016

Welcome to ChronicAlly Box! I'm so glad you're here. This is Ally, Founder & Owner of ChronicAlly Box, LLC. ChronicAlly Box is the first ever, Chronic Illness Woman/Girl's Health & Beauty Subscription Box! Not only is each product in ChronicAlly Box going to be your ally for the month, the box will also bring you smiles and cheer!  
I've always wanted to start a company like ChronicAlly Box, but it wasn't until recently that the universe sent me the idea of ChronicAlly Box and I manifested it. I had heard a lot about subscription boxes, and have received a few myself, but never really thought of sending happiness and chronic illness allies to chronically chic women in this type of platform. I had recently subscribed to a bunch of magazines because I really enjoyed the anticipation of those in the mailbox instead of unfavorable lab work and medical bills. So, why not a subscription box tailored to women living with Chronic Illnesses?! I even once told my husband, "I just want to make people happy for my work!" I feel like ChronicAlly Box is helping me to live out that dream.
I am a very caring and giving person by nature. For example, I have always loved writing hand written thank you notes and cards, and I love to give gifts more than receive them. The joy of watching someone open a gift that they love makes me all warm and fuzzy! The thoughts of the smile on every woman's face that opens a ChronicAlly Box gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling! I'm definitely going to want to see pictures of all you lovely ladies smiling with your ChronicAlly Box!! :) 
The purpose of ChronicAlly Box is to bring woman suffering from chronic illnesses health and beauty products that are allies for them each month, making their health and beauty routine easier and better. Whether the product helps your mental health, physical health, or makes your beauty routine possible in a pinch, you can find it in ChronicAlly Box! We also highlight a product in each box that brings you motivation. Whether it's to "Keep Going", or to let you know that "You Got This!” Our hope is that these small reminders will make a big impact on your life as a chronic illness warrior.
The logo! ChronicAlly Box's logo is meant to be cheerful! It's meant to show that you have your very own personal shopper, Ally and her Allies, to send you a box of products that you really want and need, without having to leave your house, or even your bed! You save energy by skipping a trip to the mall, and even having to think about things to purchase that might help you save energy. Here at ChronicAlly Box, we do all of that for you! Chronic Ally is your “subscription box fairy” (as my Mom called her) J That will drop off boxes right at your doorstep! Our hopes are also that the allies inside will make getting dressed up whether it's for work, a wedding, or just to go to the grocery store, easier and less tiring for you!
Here at ChronicAlly Box, we understand how expensive it can be living with a chronic illness. That's why we have two box options to choose from. One is a smaller ChronicAlly Treat Box, with a few less items than our larger ChronicAlly Box. The number of items in each box varies depending on the cost of each product, but they are all full sized items. We have also built in discounts for when you prepay for a 3 or 6 month subscription, saving you a little cash! And lastly, we have a "Gift Bar" where you can ask family or friends for a ChronicAlly Box for Christmas or your Birthday, or they can just buy you one to show you that they are thinking of you! There is a one time only box option, and a 3 or 6 month prepay subscription that also has the built in discounts as the other subscriptions.
We are so excited for this new adventure here at ChronicAlly Box, and we are excited that you are along for the ride with us! You won't be disappointed in what's to come for ChronicAlly Box!




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