ChronicAlly's February BOSS BABE LOVE Box

Posted on 24 February 2017

Hello ChronicAlly Box Tribe!
Thank you so much for visiting our blog!
This post is all about our SPECIAL February ChronicAlly Box, that was made up of items from contributors that have built their own companies, inspired by their struggle with chronic illness! I hope you are enjoying your allies from these wonderful ladies, and I hope that you enjoy getting to know them below!
Introducing 2017 February ChronicAlly Box!
1. FAITH HOPE LOVE Necklace by Dazzling Dysautonomia
Meet Valerie! Owner of Dazzling Dysautonomia
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Hey Fabulous Fighter!

  My name is Valerie and I am the owner of Dazzling Dysautonomia! I have had Dysautonomia- POTS Syndrome for almost three years now and it definitely turned my life upside down over a year ago. I went from being a Media Planner for a huge advertising company, to not being able to walk or stand in a matter of a few months. I had to quit, and found myself losing my mind from boredom.... and alas Dazzling Dysautonomia was born! 
   With my Etsy shop I really wanted to provide items that were mainly targeted for us  Spoonies, because I feel there isn't enough cute and fashionable items out targeted for us! Being 23 years old and not able to work because of Dysautonomia has been really tough on me, but this has been a great outlet for me to express my creativity and get more involved in my Spoonie community! A lot of my items are all centered around positivity and motivational messages to help give other fabulous fighters a little pick me up when they need it! I really hope you all LOVE the necklaces in this month's box! 
 Instagram: @DazDysautonomia & @valuhhreee

Lots of love and good health sent your way,
2. Water Lily + Sea Salt Soy Candle by Flores Lane
Meet Trish & Liz! Owners of Flores Lane

Flores Lane candles are hand-poured with American soy wax, high quality fragrance and essential oils in West Hollywood, CA.  Inspired by our love of travel and adventure, each candle captures the essence of a different community. From Venice to Beverly Hills, every candle has it’s own unique and distinct scent that represents the attitude and energy of these communities.

Recently we added a Lyme disease candle to our collection. Co-founder Trish Baden has suffered from Lyme disease for the past six years.  During her last visit with her doctor, Trish found out she is now in remission! It has been a very long journey and while she is feeling better than ever, her body was in constant pain and discomfort for years. For her, feeling comfort in her home has been a necessity. Trish lights candles every night as soon as she walks in the door to create a relaxing environment with scents that help keep her mind and body at ease.

Our goal in creating a Lyme disease candle is not only to raise awareness but also to provide a calming presence and a sense of hope to everyone who burns it.

3. Sweet South Organics Mint Crush Lip Balm



Meet Teresa! Owner of Sweet South Organics

From the Product Developer & Owner of Sweet South Organics
May 2014 - I was bed-ridden for nearly five months with excruciating pain throughout my body and debilitating fatigue. Months of bloodwork, labs/tests, CT Scans, Specialist Appts. - I was finally diagnosed with Lupus (SLE) and two other overlapping autoimmune diseases (fibromyalgia and RA).  I truly felt the future did not look too bright for me.

After years of countless kidney stones and kidney inflammation, my right kidney was compromised and failing as well as my liver.  There was not an organ that had not been invaded by this cruel auto-immune disease. From migraines to painful pericarditis episodes, 
random rashes, allergic to the sun, shingles, light sensitivity, peripheral neuropathy, hair loss, flu-like fatigue, chronic pain throughout the body/joints, and a painful symptom list that could fill up this entire page

I did the pharmaceutical route and honestly felt worse from all the steroids and other medications the doctor put me on.  After much prayer and being told there is no cure only maintaining this cruel, unpredictable chronic disease. I decided that I did not want to bombard my body with steroids, chemo, etc.   I reached out to a dear friend Laura that I swear is my angel here on earth for guidance. (she owns/runs The Herb Shoppe in Lagrange, GA)  I started heavy detoxing, taking herbs/supplements, and I quickly started seeing hope for normalcy in my life again.  

All this has been a process and a journey. Honestly, it has been one of the toughest battles of my life.  Through it now I am grateful, feel more empowered and have reclaimed my health. and life back.  
I do not miss re-check appointments or lab work, and my levels are stable and have been since just a few weeks of starting the natural route.  I had a wonderful Summer back working full time in real estate and started my new company - Sweet South Organics.  I am a very private person in regards to my health issues, but when I discovered and formulated products that helped me with so many issues, it felt selfish of me not to share with others.  Something positive has to come out of all the negative I am confident in this. 
It took years for my health to get to where it arrived at when this put me flat on my back.  I started analyzing at what point in my life did I lower my standards for feeling normal?  I would have an excuse in my mind for feeling run down or no energy (getting older, working long crazy hours, etc.). I realized that it is not the doctors responsibility to monitor my health, it is in fact mine.  We are the biggest advocate of our body and our health.  Take charge of it, ask questions and do research. (View This Article) 

Another great website to bookmark and utilize as a resource to research the products you are currently using is   All you have to do is look at what products you and your family are using daily and search the ingredients to analyze/dissect it further. Once I did this, I was astonished at what I was using and amazed how simple it is to tweak or eliminate these items all together. It's like this if the ingredient list is ridiculously long, and you can't pronounce most of it, or there is "fragrance" listed with no other explanation of where it is derived from (meaning is it "synthetic" or natural plant based) this should be a red flag. Several specialists' care that I was under the only explanation I was given as far as what caused this was "environmental" when you are told that it makes you reevaluate your surroundings and your products that you use on a daily basis. 

Knowledge is power!
Thank you for letting me share my story~ Stay strong and live each day to the fullest - for none of us are promised tomorrow.

Teresa :-)
Sweet South Organics LLC Company Owner

Via the website


4. Spoonful Creation Symptom Relief 

Meet Jordan! Owner of Spoonful Creation


💜 She wraps herself in strength, carries herself with confidence, and works hard, strengthening her arms for the task at hand. Proverbs 31: 16- 17

Compared to others my journey is fairly new. A little over a year ago, I was standing in front of my family and friends vowing to grow old with my best friend. Excited for the future and promising to go through the good and bad, together. We've already made it through so much... Funny how you don't know just how good things are until everything changes. We never would've guessed that I would become chronically sick and left without answers.

Becoming a spoonie, having to depend on my husband to take care of me, relaying on our family to get us through the dark days, it's all changed us. Comfortability and a peaceful environment becomes increasingly more important when your body is under attack.

My journey has lead me to fall in love with holistic health, natural ways to feel, even, just a little better. A hot bath with the perfect combination of essential oils and Epsom salts is exactly what's needed on those bad days.

This shop continues to develop throughout my health journey. It was put on my heart to help other spoonies feel a little better. Each bath luxury is handmade with love, healing energy, prayed over, and crafted to rejuvenate chronic illness warriors.


5. DoTerra Deep Blue FREE Sample, Hope Health Healing



Meet Sally! Owner of Hope Health Healing, & DoTerra Wellness Advocate

If you looked back at my life before RA, it would be pretty uneventful in the health department.  And to be honest, other than always wanted to lose weight, I didn’t really give WELLNESS a moment’s attention.  As with most life-altering things my journey was an unexpected one        

One moment that changed everything

In 2010, I had a broken wrist that healed badly.  It set off a series of events in my life that could have been nothing short of life altering.  Think about not being able to use your dominant hand for nearly a year.  Frozen shoulder. Tons of OT and PT (3-5 days a week).  Constant Pain. And then it triggered Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Everything I knew about life changed.  I was on a pharmacy of meds, feeling miserable.  My faith was challenged, I was depressed, discouraged, and becoming hopeless.

Thanks to some persistent nagging from my bestie, I began to research a more natural way of living.  I started learning about how much we can influence our wellness by what we put in (and on) our bodies.  She told me about doTERRA and all it had to offer.  I learned about gut health, about the importance of exercise for mind and body, I learned about essential oils.  As a family, we began to change our lifestyle.  My health (and attitude) began to improve by leaps and bounds.  And I began to share with others the simple things that you can do to make a huge difference in your well-being.

Guess what? I exercise, and love it!  I started running.  We learned a new way to eat – and how as Americans our typical diet is CRAP.  I developed a passion to help people find a healthier way to life – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.   Working with others inspires me every day. The Lord has a way of using every situation for His good doesn’t He?

And now I’m off on this cool journey.  I start my day with Frankincense and doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Supplements.  Those two things have made a HUGE impact on my wellness.  Things like Deep Blue Rub and oils such as Lemongrass, Peppermint, & Black Pepper have helped me increase my activity and decrease pain levels (oh and help with BRAIN FOG).  I’ve learned how to balance my emotions with things like Citrus Bliss & Balance. Trouble sleeping? Yup, stuff for that too. And I found it’s a blast to create safe & effective (& smell-goody) personal care and cleaning products at home.  Managing a chronic illness is a forever thing, but finding ways to cope that are powerful – yet simple – have allowed me to feel better, do more, and live fuller. 

It’s been fun to share my adventures with people on my blog,, and work with folks around the world to help them develop their own health & wellness plan.  I’d love to get to know you and help you find a way to a healthier, more active life. I hope you enjoy your sample of Deep Blue.  It's been a powerful tool for me to help my joints and muscles.  I use it the moment I know a flare is coming to help cut it off at the pass and then throughout the day as needed.  It's also perfect pre- and post-workout on any problem areas.  Each sample packet has several uses.  A little goes a LONG way!  I'm looking forward to hearing about what YOU like best about Deep Blue!


6. Noka Box ChronicAlly Box Exclusive Coupon


Meet Lauren, Founder & CEO of nokabox


I want nokabox to be the first pillbox that people love, as opposed to simple tolerate.

I do not personally have a chronic illness, but I have many friends and family that do. People who need to take medication regularly face a myriad of challenges, from organizing their prescriptions to remembering to take their pills at the right time every day. While pill organizers have been around for a long time, the majority of people I talked to either hated their pillbox, or refused to buy one.

The existing options are cheap, ugly, and hard to use. Designing a product is not just about functionality and aesthetics; it’s how the product makes you feel. When interviewing people about pillboxes, I heard things like “Just owning one of these things makes me feel 25 years older”, and “I feel like if people see my pillbox, they are going to make assumptions about what’s wrong with me.”

Putting things in your body to make it function better shouldn’t be any more shameful than brazenly wearing sunscreen every day or going to the gym. Moreover, a pill organizer isn’t any different than a wallet or a phone case; it is an accessory that helps you organize and protect something important to you. There is no reason why a pillbox should not have the same level of quality and attention to detail as the other stylish accessories we carry with us!

And speaking of attention to detail, this organizer is packed with great features. I won’t go into detail about all of them, but everyone’s favorite is the magnetic drawers:
There are seven individual sliding drawers that are kept in place with magnets. The shape of the drawers makes the pills easy to retrieve, and the magnets ensure that pills do not fall out in your bag. Plus, feeling the magnet pull the drawer in is surprisingly satisfying :)


Thank you for taking the time to check out our blog, and read about the amazing companies and boss babes who helped make ChronicAlly Box possible this month! Remember to spread the love, and practice self-love, all month long! Enjoy your allies! Happy February! :) 


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